Teko Graduated Compression Calf Sleeves - Unisex

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The Teko Graduated Compression calf sleeves are perfectly designed for running, cycling and CrossFit to enhance calf muscle stability and blood circulation. The sock fibre is extremely soft, light and durable. It evaporates moisture and dries very quickly. Made of regenerated polyamide from post-consumer waste.

Teko Graduated Compression Calf Sleeves features

  • Graduated Level 2 Compression Sleeve
  • Ultrafine fibres dry and evaporate moisture quickly
  • Evapor8 microfiber regulates your temperature
  • Anatomical fit - smooth and seamless

Made from

90% Polyamide, 10% Elastic

Caring for your Teko Graduated Compression calf sleeves

Machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius, then air or tumble dry

Colour: Carbon Fibre