Eco-Friendly Socks

Saving the Planet with Every Step

At TEKO, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously, and we're
dedicated to reducing our environmental impact with every step.

Committed to Sustainability

We are committed to implementing and acting by the highest social, ethical and environmental standards.

Discover our process to learn how.

Our passion for the outdoor sport is accompanied be an equal passion for making and doing with as little environmental impact as possible.

Recycling fishing nets
Responsibly sourced wool
Upcycling plastic bottles
Fibres from eucalyptus trees

Recycled fishing nets

TEKO repurposes discarded commercial fishing nets, which can take up to 600 years to decompose, to create its running and cycling products. As the only technical sock company to do so, we reduce waste in oceans and promote a more sustainable future.

Decomposable materials

Our Bio.d Outdoor Lifestyle collection features Amni Soul Eco® polyamide 6.6, a groundbreaking formula that allows garments to decompose rapidly in commercial landfill sites. This enhanced polyamide formula is the result of Rhodia-Solvay group's innovative research and development efforts, promoting a more sustainable future for fashion.

Upcycling used bottles

Newlife yarn is produced from recycled bottles that are collected immediately after consumption, minimising the deterioration of the PET. These bottles are processed and spun into a 22-micron fiber in a small region of Northern Italy.

Our Run, Hike, and Ski socks feature this superfine, recycled polyester.

Environmentally sustainable fibres

Our Bio.d Outdoor collection features Tencel Lyocell fibers, derived from renewable wood sources via an eco-friendly production process. These fibers are certified compostable and biodegradable, making them a sustainable choice that can return to nature at the end of their life cycle.