Womens Skiing Socks

As passionate skiers ourselves we’ve designed our merino ski socks with three things in mind — fit, comfort and insulation.

Merino Sinergi Liner Socks – 2 Pair Pack

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Teko’s process of combing merino with ultra fine recycled synthetic yarns has resulted in significant performance benefits including improved durability, faster drying times and overall improvements in both the comfort and fit of their eco-performance socks.

Deluxe Merino Liner Socks – 2 pack

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When is a Liner sock not a Liner sock? Well, this sock started life as a Liner sock and became so popular that people just use them as their everyday casual black sock. It’s crew-height made from our eco-merino fibre that fits your feet like a glove!! These socks feel soooo good.

Womens Merino Ski Socks Light Cushion

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Looking for our most popular ski sock? You just found it. Just the right amount of cushioning on the shin and around the ankle area and the foot. The merino ski light sock is so popular with so many people. If you are a connoisseur or relatively new to the sport you will not be disappointed.

Teko Super Evo Unisex Ski Sock – Medium Cushion – Raspberry Stripe

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This Teko ski sock is the go-to sock for luxurious merino cushioning and extra-warmth for those who put comfort before fast, edge-to-edge performance. This sock has full-cushion around the foot and ankle and a most cushioning we offer in our ski socks. I