Women’s Cycling Socks

Award winning Teko eco-performance socks are designed by a team full of passionate mountain bikers and road cyclists so we know what matters when it comes to socks that have to perform.

No Show Ultralight

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Probably our most popular year-round sock for running, gym workout, cycling, tennis and everyday wear. The no-show design is our stealth style. They are so comfortable and easy to wear with many different types of shoes. They have a ultra-low-cut design with light cushioning under the foot.

Women’s Marathon Running Socks – Super Cushioned

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The Teko RunFit sock was designed for those people who prefer a really low-cut sock that just peeks out of the top of their running shoes. Super comfortable and ideal for running and fitness as well as cycling and wearing casually. They are easy to care for a really durable for your daily workout.